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Best 3 Person Tents – The Top 8 in 2020

best 3 person tents
Anywhere people find tents, they often show a camping symbol. Therefore, camping tents, along with other camping tools, are crucial in enhancing people’s camping experience.
However, different tents are suitable for different camping situations.
For camping of 3 people or less, you need to get the best 3 person camping tents. The great deal is getting the best rated 3 person tents without going through lots of stress.

Who Needs 3 Person Tent?

In the most common cases, people often go camping in groups. Due to this, they therefore, need a 3 person tent if they are camping in a group of 3 or less.
You also need the best 3 person tents if you need enough space to take up three or less. It can even serve as the best 3 men camping tent for full adults.

Why Do You Need a 3 Person Tent?

One of the best decisions to make for your campout is to get the best camping tents. Importantly, it’s necessary to get a sizeable tent that is neither too big nor too small to be great for a definite purpose.
In a 3 or less group, it is best to get the best 3 person camping tents. Choosing that, gives enough comfort, and provides enough space.
Likewise, you need the best 3 person camping tents to serve as your accommodation and mini-home while on outdoor camping. Also, you need it to serve as a safe and secure place to keep bags and luggage.
Since camping is outdoors, you need to consider something to protect you against harsh weather. Consequently, you need the best 3 person tents to protect you and mitigate the effect of severe weather on your camping.

Don't Have Time To Go Evaluate The Details?

Here is a quick list of The top 8 rated 3 person tents for your consideration.

Best 3 person Tent - How To Choose?

There are some crucial factors to consider while considering the best 3 person tent to select. Here are a few guidelines that can help you choose the best rated 3 person tents in the saturated product market.

Your Camping Style

The best tent should include tents that will suit your camping style. For instance, it is best to go for a hiking tent if you intend to camp at a mountain top.

The number of Camping Members

It’s strategic having enough space in your tent. Getting the desired area in the tent might not be feasible, if one doesn’t get the right tent.
Therefore, it is essential to get a tent that can easily contain all the group members. Imagine getting a 3 person tent for a group of 6. In this case, you should get a 3 person tent for a group of three or less.


Where you are going for your camping is another essential factor to consider. Therefore, the best 3 person tents for you should be able to hold up against different weather conditions at different seasons.

Consider Your Budget

Great items should give you the best value for your money. Excitedly, it is possible to get a great product without having to overspend or overshoot your budget.

Ease of Use

While out on a camping, campers shouldn’t be over-reliant on getting a massive workforce to mount their tent. Consequently, campers should consider getting a tent that is easy to use and fit, especially in three groups.


No one wants a tent they’re not comfortable with, right? Exactly! That is why they need to look out for a product that aids their comfortability.
It is not advisable to compromise your standard and preferred features while choosing your 4 person tent. Therefore, you should also consider your favorite features before deciding to go for a particular product.

Features to look for in Best 3 Person Tents


Does it sound great to go hiking with a tent that is almost your weight? Of course, not. Therefore, you should look out for the importance of the tent you are selecting to mitigate the stress of carrying the tent with you.

Interior Space

In a 3 person tent, getting a product with enough space to keep everyone happy is essential. Likewise, space should be enough to give every member of the group a desired level of comfort, while also accommodating their camping gears.


No one likes the idea of getting choked in a tent they purchased with their money. As a result, the buying process should evaluate the ventilating features of the tent before selecting it. These features include doors, windows, mesh, vestibules, and others.


Even though the campout occurs in a safe place, campers still need protection against certain conditions like insects and rain. As a result, a tent without protective features like waterproofing is more or less useless.


A good 3 person tent should be compact. This compactness means that the tent must provide adequate space for different functionalities, such as the storage of gears and the provision of privacy.

Good Brands to Look For When Getting the Best 3 Person Tent.

The tent market is full of countless manufacturers. However, some producers make unique products, and they have earned a high reputation in the tent market. Here are some of the best brands that make 3 person tents.
Eureka is one of the best brands that makes the most amazing products. Since its establishment in 1879, this brand has consistently maintained a high profile in the tent market.
If you desire a tent that is suitable for various purposes, Marmort is one of the most reputable brands to consider. They offer products in multiple categories, including for a higher number of group members.
Significantly, this brand is one of the most dominant in the tent industry. Interestingly, the North Face brand gives products with amazing features and functionalities.
MSR is primarily known for its unique designs and high-quality products. As one of the leading brands in tent making, they offer quality products at cost-effective rates.
NEMO is a brand that has been committed to helping people get the best experience with adventures. More so, they are interested in quality as well as the design of their products, ranging from tents to other equipment.
MIER is one of the top-ranking tent manufacturers. They have an excellent reputation in the production of reliable and trustworthy tents that satisfy every user.
Big Agnes is a top-producing tent manufacturer. Producing tents with amazing features and qualities is their area of specialization.

[Top 8] Best 3 Person Tents Comparison Table

Recommended Products WeightHeight (lbs)Floor Area [Sqm]Doors
1. Marmot Limelight 3 Person Camping Tent7.50 Ibs48”3.622
2. The North Face Stormbreak 3 Three-Person Camping Tent6.10 Ibs46”3.692
3. Eureka! K-2 XT Three-Person Tent11.6 Ibs48’’4.831
4. Nemo Aurora Backpacking Tent4.90 Ibs44”2.952
5. MSR Thru-Hiker 100 Wing Canopy Shelter1.25 Ibs00”-N/a
6. MIER 3 Person Camping Tent6.40 Ibs49”3.572
7. Nemo Losi Backpacking Tent6.70 Ibs42”5.631
8. Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3.00 Ibs42”2.602

Top rated 3 person tents Review

Best 3 Person Tent for Backpacking Marmot Limelight 3 Person Camping Tent

Igloo tent | 19.7" x 11.8" x 7.9" | 6.58 pounds | Lifetime Warranty
Marmot Limelight 3 Person Camping Tent – Best 3 Person Tent for Backpacking

What makes this tent different

  • Doors: 2 (D-shaped).
  • Upper No-See-Um mesh.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Pleasant climate.
  • Interior Storage pockets.
  • Carrying bag, guy wires and tent pegs, ground sheet included
  • More features

Indisputably spacious, this tent is an outstanding 3 person tent. Marmot limelight has enough space and vertical design that enhances your comfort.
As part of the effort to aid proper ventilation and comfort, the product is equipped with two D-shaped doors. The organization is also comfortable with the product because the inside has vestibules that assist with gear storage.
Likewise, the product makes provision for the light fixture to ensure proper illumination of the tent at night. Overall, the product is spacious, compact, and easy to use.
Our Feelings: During the scorching days, there was abundant aeration. It greatly suits a cot and there was yet enough room.



Best 3 Person Tent under $200 The North Face Stormbreak 3

OS size | 20"x 6.8"x 6.8" | 6.1 pounds | Golden Oak/Pave. | Lifetime Warranty
The North Face Stormbreak 3 Three-Person Camping Tent – Best 3 Person Tent under $200

What makes this tent different

  • Doors: 2
  • Vestibules.: 2
  • Tent fabric: waterproofing 75D Polyester
  • Adjacent mesh pockets
  • Imported
  • More features

Aside from the fact that this product is suitable for medium budget, it is also one of the easiest to pitch 3 person tents. If you care to know, another point of attraction for this product are the vestibules that enhance breathability.
Moreover, users get to enjoy more protection as the floor design helps keep water out of the tent. The product also has two doors that permit free entry and exits.
Also, you can improve the outdoor space by manipulating the vestibules. In general, Stormbreak is cost-effective, easy to use, and compact.
Our Feelings: The poles are easy yet strong. There is enough tie down points to pin it down preventing wind problems all the way.



Best 4 Season 3 Person Tent Eureka! K-2 XT

107" x 92" x 48"| 8.6 pounds | Bright Marigold |  Lifetime Warranty
Eureka! K-2 XT Three-Person – Best 4 Season 3 Person Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Seasons: 4
  • Doors: 2
  • Vestibules: 2
  • Waterproof StormShield rain fly
  • Reflective web, storm guy outs, and logos for nighttime visibility.
  • Four gear loft loops,
  • One flashlight loop.
  • More features

Here is a very affordable product for the medium and average budget. It is one of the best backpacking products suitable for mountaineering.
Considering the design of the tent, the durability of the canvas is top-notch. Likewise, the product will provide comfort for different weather conditions.
More significantly, the product makes adequate provision for gear storage and illumination. In summary, the product is well packed, reliable, and easy to use.
Here is a simple guide in how to set up.
Our Feelings: After making use of Eureka, we feel the air flow choices and vents make Eureka an excellent tent for all situations.



Best Budget 3 person Tent Nemo Aurora

Freestanding | 52" x 44" x  88" | 9.1 pounds | Surge | Lifetime warranty
Nemo Aurora Backpacking Tent- Best Budget 3 person Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Seasons: 3
  • Doors: 2
  • Vestibules: 2
  • Canopy Fabric: 30D Polyester/ No-See-Um Mesh
  • Overhead Light Pockets; Gear Pockets.
  • Footprint, Repair kit included
  • More features

Here is a new tent for a whole new adventure coming as a lightweight item and well-packed. Likewise, it offers one of the best and most extensive living spaces perfect for 3 persons.
Moreover, the nature of the walls provides a headroom, which improves its comfortability. Also, it has two doors and two vestibules that allow both comfortable access and breathability. In addition, on warm, summer nights, Nemo Aura is fit for use in-built tent. The supreme feature and quality of the product also improve its functionality.
Remarkably efficient, it is light enough for backpacking and flexible enough to step in for car camping. With the inclusion of the storage pockets and footprint, it is safe to say you have a complete package with this product.
Our Feelings: Nemo Aurora is a top quality product that undoubtedly withstands the elements whether in the desert or a festival debauchery. Though, it is made for normal camping but it will be suitable for backpacking too.



Best Ultralight 3 Men Tent Thru-Hiker 100 Wing Canopy Shelter

100 Wing | 126" x 114" | 1.1 pounds | Amber |  Lifetime Warranty
MSR Thru-Hiker 100 Wing Canopy Shelter– Best Ultralight 3 Men Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Tent Fabric: 20D ripstop nylon 1200mm Xtreme Shield™ polyurethane & silicone
  • Ultralight
  • Adaptable: set up with trekking or Accessory poles, or suspend from a tree
  • Compact size: 9" x 4.5"
  • Can be paired with thru-hiker mesh house 
  • More features

MSR Thru-Hiker Canopy Shelter is unique out of the multiple products available. It offers one of the best ultra-light protections for those who don’t want complete enclosure.
The tent is particularly suitable during hot weather and under ideal weather conditions. And, if you intend to spend a night out on the beach, MSR Thru-Hiker might just be a perfect pick.
The MSR tent can keep you completely dry and hold up against storms. However, you might not have complete protection for water that is running through the ground.
Because they have complete access to natural ventilation, users don’t have to worry about breathability. Likewise, the product is quite easy to set up and convenient to use.
Please check here for a simple set-up guide.
Our Feelings: With its ultralight feature, MSR provides sufficient rain protection with little impact on the pack weight. MSR’s adapatable quality helps you to set it up with accessory poles or trekking or even suspend it from a tree.



Best Waterproof 3 Person Tent MIER 3 Person Camping Tent

Freestanding | 83" x 49" x 67" |  5.5 pounds | Grey | 2 year Warranty
MIER 3 Person Camping Tent – Best Waterproof 3 person Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Seasons: 4
  • Doors: 2 (D-shaped)
  • Vestibules: 2
  • Pack size: 19.7×6.5 inch
  • Waterproof fabric tent
  •  YKK zipper; Duraflex buckle;
  • Footprint & Repair pack included;
  • Organizer pockets;
  • Lantern hangers.
  • More features

One of the best lightweight backpacking tents is the MIER Tent. Likewise, the product is easy to use and suitable for a variety of purposes, including car camping and hiking.
With the inclusion of a double-wall tent, the product is waterproof and offers maximum protection. Moreover, you can enjoy easy access and excellent breathability in the tent with the two large D-shaped doors and sufficient vestibules.
Overall, MIER three-person tents are suitable for diverse purposes, including hiking, camping, and other related outdoor events.
Here is a simple guide on the set up procedures.
Our Feelings: MIER had the impeccable combination of weight, features and price quality.



Best 3 Person Tent for Camping Nemo Losi Backpacking Tent

Freestanding | 50" x 41" x 88" | 13.2 pounds | Birch Bud | Lifetime warranty
Nemo Losi Backpacking Tent – Best 3 Person Tent for Camping

What makes this tent different

  • Seasons: 3 Seasons
  • Doors: 2
  • Vestibules: 2
  • No-See-Um privacy Mesh 
  • Overhead Light Pockets.
  • Gear pockets.
  • Divvy Sack.
  • More features

Want enough space for your camping event? Nemo Losi offers one of the spacious tents for your camping events. The product is easy to assemble and easy to use.
The product offers vast space and amazing comfortability. It can easily take up three adults and a kid in case you’re are going for a family outing. It also makes proper provision for breathability.
Here is a simple set up procedure.
Our Feelings: But for little headroom, Nemo Losi has enough space. You’ll love it.



Best Lightweight 3 Person Tent Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL

Hub pole design| 52" x 39" x 86" | 2.2 pounds | Lifetime warranty
Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL – Best Lightweight 3 Person Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Seasons: 3
  • Doors: 2
  • Vestibules: 2
  • Ceiling mesh pockets.
  • Multiple interior loops
  • More features..

Big Agnes Tiger Wall is precisely the product you need if you intend to have a tent with less weight and many rooms to stretch. The tent is a large, forty-square-foot tent that can accommodate two to three people conveniently though it is light in weight.
Big Agnes is a very durable and resistant tent. Curiously, the tent is designed to withstand rain and other climatic obstacles; it can even withstand kids throwing things at it, provided it is not sharp. Having a great set up is one of Big Agnes’s peculiar features and advantages. Color-coded poles also include its variety of accessories.
Our Feelings: The organized foot-end corners form greater usable room between the tent wall and your feet. What’s more, the single-pole architecture simplifies set-up and makes it simple and well-organized.



Additional tips for tents users

Do Not Overcrowd The Tent

It is a common occurrence for people to fill the canopy. Most tent users exceed the maximum amount of people the shelter can accommodate, which tells on the canopy. A 3 person tent should not help more than 3 people, at the most 4.

Maintenance is essential

The maintenance of the tent is one thing one should never forget how to do. The support of a tent is necessary. Practicing some maintenance culture such as packing the tent is an appropriate way to avoid tearing. Setting the canvas away from a sharp object can also be useful.

Check notable features

Users shouldn’t forget to check out some features of the tents such as weight, hook, durability, the tent’s material, etc. Checking out these features gives users insight on how good these products are or can be over some time.

Use suitable tents for your style

Knowing your style and determining the tent ideal for it is also vital to take note of it. You shouldn’t make use of a massive tent when going hiking. The shelter doesn’t suit your style. Your canopy and your style should align.

Don't overshoot your budget

You cannot possibly know a product more than the manufacturer. Therefore, you need to read the manufacturer’s manual and follow it. Following the manufacturer’s instruction is essential as it gives more chance of the product’s longevity.

Follow Manufacturer's Instructions

You cannot possibly know a product more than the manufacturer. Therefore, you need to read the manufacturer’s manual and follow it. Following the manufacturer’s instruction is essential as it gives more chance of the product’s longevity.

Advantages of using a 3 person tent

There are several advantages to using a 3 person tent. These advantages make people choose them over other types of tents. Here are some benefits of using a 3 person tent.
  • It accommodates more people than the 1 and 2 person tents.
  • The 3 person tent is made of high-quality materials that make it durable.
  • A 3 person tent can resist adverse weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people can fit into a 3 person tent?

A: The number of people that can fit into a tent depends on the size of the person in question. It will contain many more children than muscularly built adults.
As the name suggests, the 3 person tent is designed for three people. It will accommodate three people conveniently. However, there are exceptions to some tents.
Some 3 person tents are large enough to accommodate more than three people. Actually, those tents can help 4 people, or even 5 while some are so small that they can barely accommodate 3 people.

Q: Do you need a footprint for your tent?

A: Notably, users utilize what’s known as footprint, (also known as ground cover) in tents to reduce friction or abrasion. The print prevents the lower part of the canvas from wearing during the uneasy movement against the ground.
Whether you need the footprint or not depends on your personal preference. Making use of print is essential as it has its role to play.
Possibly, you might have a replacement for or might not see the need for your footprint. But footprint is essential for the longevity of your tent; so, consider making use of it.

Q: How do you choose a tent?

A: There are many factors to consider when choosing the right tent. You need to consider these factors as that determines how much you enjoy your tent.
The first factor to consider is the versatility of the tent. Tents should be able to withstand different adverse weather conditions. It will be so frustrating getting a tent that cannot withstand weather conditions.
Another factor is the material for the tent. Some tents are made of low-quality materials, which make them not to last long. You should get a tent made of high-quality material.
There are many other factors to consider. But you should always remember that the best tent for you is the tent that can conveniently accommodate you.
No one wants to make use of a 2 person tent for 5 people.

Q: How weather resistant is the 3 person tent?

A: The 3 person tent is made of high-quality material. The material makes the tent resistant to adverse weather conditions.
It is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions making it people’s favorite choice. Coated polyester fly, factory sealed seam, oxford nylon, etc. are part or features of the tent.

Q: How much should I pay for a 3 person tent?

A: There isn’t a precise answer to some question like this just because the price of a tent depends on the features and sophistication. The more the features of the canvas, the more expensive it can get.
In spite of that, you can always get a tent that matches your budget. You can get a tent cheaper than a hundred dollars, and you can get as expensive as five hundred dollars.
So, you can pay a reasonable price for the tent you desire so far you are not choosing beyond your budget.

Q: How do I check the breathability of a tent?

A: Anyone can measure the breathability of the tent in grams. This denotes the amount of water in gaseous form (water vapor) that can move through a square meter in the material.
The writing of the breathability of the tent is always on the jacket. The details show the number of activities that can be carried on in the tent. You should consider the breathability of the canvas before getting it.

Q: Can I reduce the weight of my tent?

A: It is possible to reduce the weight of your tent, and that, through different means. Reducing the importance of the canvas helps a lot.

Our Verdict

A tent is an essential part of camping. The type of tent you choose can either boost your camping experience or mar it. Therefore, exercising caution while choosing which tent to choose for your campout is good instruction.
So, if you have 2 or 3 people in your camping group, a tent that will provide you with enough comfort is suitable. What’s more, a good 3 person tent can bring great flexibility, especially for a family outing. Getting a top-rated 3 person tent is affordable and will certainly spice up your camping experience.

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