Best 4 Season Tents – The Top 10 in 2020

best 4 season tents
Camping and backpacking are activities one can embark on during vacations, irrespective of weather conditions. To carry out these activities, one needs a suitable tent for various weather conditions. The most appropriate tent is the 4 season tents, as they prove their worth in protecting you from harsh weather conditions. Read on to learn about the best 4 season tents and their uses.

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How to choose the best 4 season tents

Below are some important steps to help you choose the best 4 season tents for your camping expedition.

Know Yourself

When trying to purchase 4 season tents, your preference is put into consideration. The number of people camping with you, the area, weight, and budget all come to play.

Ease Of Use

The setup of most modern tents is quite easy. However, to get things done faster, it is advisable to go for one with attachments and color-coded poles. In most cases, the instructions for setup are included in the bag. Bigger tents and more poles take a longer time in installation. The tent’s pole structure often determines the ease of use—the fewer the pole, the faster the setup. Besides, it is better to have short pole sleeves and clips to maintain balance in installation, strength, and ventilation.



Lightweight and spacious camping tents are the best option for most people. As a buyer, you should consider the tent’s weight and space while maintaining a balance between both. A spacious tent is a heavier one. Also, check the means of transportation, be it on the back, car, or bike.


This is another feature to look out for in choosing your 4 season tents. A waterproof canvas is essential as it protects you from harsh weather conditions, keeping you dry and comfortable.


The size of the tent is another essential factor to consider. If you’re going on a camping trip with a partner, friends, or family, you need one that can accommodate everyone comfortably.


Ventilation is a necessity in choosing 4 season tents to avoid suffocation. This is prevented by the addition of windows, doors, and mesh to promote airflow and keep you fresh.

Single-wall vs. double-wall

The choice between Single-wall or double-wall design is another important choice to make. Most tents are double-walled, with a rainfly and a main section. Single wall tents, on the other hand, do without rainfly. They are also very light but enable condensation and, as such, may leave your body damp. Ensure there’s proper ventilation if you’re going for a single-wall design tent.


These include Gear loft, lights (lantern), footprints, amongst other accessories.


A good 4 season tent should be budget-friendly, offering both quality and value, and as such, this should guide your choice.

Features to look for in a 4 season tent

Basic Features must have on 4 season tent

Tent Capacity

In choosing a tent, first, you have to consider the size of your group and check whether or not extra space is necessary for additional gear, dogs, etc. There’s no industry-based standard for tent capacity.


Tent Fabric
Tents are often double-layered, with an outer cover called a flysheet and an inner one for sleeping. For the inner tent, all you need is a breathable fabric to prevent condensation during the night. Various materials are used for the flysheet, ranging from canvas, polyester to nylon, and the likes.
This is used in the production of poles for tents and is ideal for large tents.
Fiberglass is another solid material used in tent pole production, especially for small and affordable ones.
Carbon Fiber
This is also used in tent pole production but is not as sturdy as aluminum or fiberglass.
Pole alternatives
Aluminum tent poles offer more strength and durability than fiberglass or carbon composite. Although they are more substantial, this difference is compensated for by their added value.


In choosing a camping or backpacking tent, the weight is put into consideration. To avoid discomfort, yet get value and quality, your best pick is a lightweight tent that is both spacious and durable.


A good 4 season tent should be budget-friendly, offering both quality and value, and as such, this should guide your choice.
The design of a tent is an important feature, although this is often based on preference.
Tents are available in various forms and structures. In making your pick, consider space, durability, and comfort.
If you want to enjoy the luxury of standing up to change clothes or enjoy the comfort of a high ceiling, it is essential to go for a tent with a tall height.
Tents with cabin-style have features such as near-vertical walls that maximize conducive space and maximize peak height.
Other features include awnings, room dividers, and vestibule doors. Dome-style tents are sturdy and offer increased strength and wind-shed abilities to keep you through a rough night. They are tall in the middle but have somewhat sloppy walls, thus reducing conducive space.
Relative to the height of the tent, the length should also be considered to offer the best value.


Go for sturdy and durable tents, made with materials that withstand harsh weather and stand the test of time.


The structure of a tent pole is a determinant of how easy or difficult pitching it will be. Freestanding tents don’t need stakes in their setup, and as such, you can quickly move it around without staking.
The fabric of a tent determines how long it will last and also the level of comfort.


Tents can be stored after folding up in a bag and placing them in a safe place.

Advance Features You should take a look on 4 season tent


A good 4 season tent should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, rains, and winds. It should be waterproof to prevent condensation.


The tent should be durable and long-lasting, with a warranty to last many decades.


This feature entails the ability of the tent to allow moisture vapor to pass through it.


This is the ability of the tent to allow for cross-ventilation and manage condensation using a mesh panel.

Built-In Floor

The floor area determines the camping tent size. Most tents have inbuilt floors, and these are a useful feature.

Additional Accessories

These are additional accessories which you should notice when looking for your best 4 season tent.


A rainfly is a waterproof cover that fits over your tent’s roof. It is used when there is a need to retain warmth or rain is expected. The two types of rainfly are roof-only, which enable entry of light and protect from rain and full-coverage rain flies that perform a similar job in protecting against rain and wind.


Awnings are attached to your tent to prevent dust or mud and keep your gear away from the rain. They are essential accessories for tents that can be attached to rainfly or used as a single unit.

Storage pockets for your gear

Storage pockets provide an area to keep your valuables and prevent loss.

Lantern holders

Famous Brand 4 Season Camping tent

  • Coleman camping tents
  • ALPS Mountaineering
  • Pop-up Tents
  • Cabin camping
  • Backpacking tents
  • Family Camping Tents

Best 4 Season Tents Comparison Table

Recommended Products Inner size (Inch)Weight (lbs)Fabric
1. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek102 x 9020Polyester
2. TETON Sports Sierra 20 Canvas36 x 1674Canvas
3. Happybuy Bell Tent 10-12 Persons196.9 x 196.981.5Cotton canvas
4. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe120 x 16879Hydra-shield canvas
5. Coleman Sundome Tent108 x 84 9Polyester
6. Ayamaya Pop Up Tents150 x 10210.25Polyester
7. Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent82.67 x 70.869.9Polyester
8. HILLMAN Lightweight Backpacking Tent6.3 x 19.35.06Polyester
9. Terra Hiker 2 Person Tent80 x 534.73Nylon, tarp
10.Tentsile Flite Plus Ultralight Backpacking Tent10.6 x 10.68.4Nylon-composite

Top rated 4 season tents Review

Best rated overall 4 season Tent Ideal for group of 4 people

Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek 4
The best 4 season tent ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4 Person

What makes this tent different

  • Capacity: 4 people
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Dimensions: 102 x 90 inches (259 x 229 cm)

The ALPS mountaineering camp tents are spacious, with adequate headroom and large sleeping areas. They are suitable for use by people who intend to go camping in a truck or car as they are a bit heavy. Like most cabin tents, their walls are vertical and are best for colder months. This is undoubtedly the best 4 season tent available for 4 persons.



Best 4 season Family Tent Accommodating Up To 12 People

Teton Sports Sierra Spacious Canvas Tent
The best 4 season tent TETON Sports Sierra 20 Canvas Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Capacity: 8 – 12 people
  • Weight: 74 lbs
  • Inner Tent size: 36 x 16 inches (91 x 41 cm).

Sierra Canvas Tents can be set with ease. They are designed to offer comfort and relaxation, ideal for outdoor activities and family time. This is the best 4 season tents for a family, a home away from home. Some of its features include water resistance, breathability, and its robust and durable structure.
It has a warranty to last a lifetime and can be used all year round. The zip-away floor makes it unique and stylish. It has a center pole with guy lines and metal locks, and interestingly, it is fast and easy to set up, even by one person. It has three top vents and five windows for ventilation and preventing condensation.



Amazing Spacious 4 season tent Ideal for burning man

Happybuy Bell Canvas Yurt Tent
The best 4 season tent Happybuy Bell Tent 10-12 Persons Canvas Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Capacity: 10-12 people
  • Fabric: Cotton canvas
  • Weight: 81.5lbs
  • Tent size: 196.9L x 196.9W.
  • Stove Jack on the sidewall
  • Insect screen on the doors.
  • Removable floor
  • More features..

This is a 4-season tent capable of housing about 10-12 people. It is made from cotton canvas fabric and is sturdy, durable, and capable of withstanding tough climates like rain, wind, and snow. They are waterproof and suitable for outdoor camping activities, hunting, and the likes.



The most sturdy 4 season tent you get what you deserve

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe Tent​
The best 4 season tent Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Capacity: 8 people
  • Tent dimensions: 120 X 168 inches
  • Pack weight: 79 lbs
  • Fabric: Hydra-shield canvas
  • Two funnel-flow vents
  • More features..

No matter the type of trip you want to embark on, be it with your family or friends, this is a good option for you. It is made with quality Hydra-shield cotton duck canvas. They are also breathable and minimize condensation.
The frame is sturdy and capable of withstanding harsh winds. Other features include a seamless, puncture-resistant floor that prevents water accumulation. With steep walls and increased height, comfort is assured. It also has windows and vents for ventilation and a gear loft for storage. The shade is provided by the large awning.



Solid​ 4 season tent for the money Great tent Great value

Coleman Easy Setup Sundome Tent
The best 4 season tent Coleman Sundome Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Material: Polyester
  • Capacity: 4 people
  • 108x 84 inches
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • More features..

This tent is made from durable polyester, and it can serve to use multiple times in various seasons, offering excellent ventilation with lots of space. The rainfly design also wards off rain and barricades the tent from strong winds.
However, this shouldn’t be used in snowfall or heavy rain. It is best set on level grounds as rocky areas are prohibited.
Coleman Sundome tent houses about four people and is termed the best 4 seasons 6 person tent. Comfort and shelter from heat or sunlight aren’t compromised as it provides shade, keeping you warm and relaxed.



Best Waterproof 4 season tent Ideal for Campers

Ayamaya Stress-Free Pop-up Tents with Awning
The best 4 season tent Ayamaya Pop Up Tents with Vestibule for 4 to 6 Person

What makes this tent different

  • Dimensions: 150" L x 102" W 
  • Capacity: 4-6 persons
  • Fabric: waterproof polyester
  • More features..

This product has a vestibule that is convertible and can serve as an enclosure. No assembly is required for this pop-up design tent; thus, it is effortless to set up. All you have to do is throw it up in the air, and it’ll pop into shape. This saves you the stress of poles, draping, and all. The work has been done for you. Notably, it is the best lightweight 4 season tent available in the market.
For convenience and use in heavy weather, there are loops and stakes to enable fastening to the ground. There are mesh windows on each side of the tent, with a rear hooded vent for easy circulation during the rains, keeping you dry and comfortable.
Its heat-sealed seams and double layering provide the answer to the question, “What is the best waterproof 4 season tent”, as it prevents entry of condensation droplets. For ease of carrying, it has a bigger bag, though it can also stay like a backpack.



Best Budget 4 season camping tent Ideal for camping in the rain

Night Cat Waterproof Instant Pop Up Camping Tent  

The best 4 season tent Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Inner Tent Size: 82.67 x 70.86''
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Capacity: 3-4 Adult Persons
  • Material: Polyester
  • More features..

The Nightcat features strong poles that provide barriers against harsh winds and a rainfly attached to the poles. It is dual functional; its design enables separation of the inner tent from the rainfly and, as such, can be a camping tent and a pavilion. Its automatic pop up system makes it unique from the rest with its hydraulic force mechanism.
Ventilation is adequate with the presence of doors and meshes windows. The two doors lie in opposite directions, a design that provides support and resistance to strong winds. The Nightcat tent is the best budget 4 season tent.



lightweight 4 season camping tent Ideal for group of 3 people

Enjoy backpacking with Hillman Windproof Camping Tent

The best 4 season tent HILLMAN 3-4 Season 2 3 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent

What makes this tent different

Like most outdoor tents, set up is easy as well as folding. It is spacious with a sturdy frame, making it durable and long-lasting. It is manufactured from premium quality polyester material and is the best 4 season tent for backpacking, camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.
In essence, Hillman tent is lightweight and fits into its carry bag with ease. Set up is also easy, and it can accommodate an air mattress as well. The unique features of the Hillman camping tent make it the best 3 person 4 season tent available in the market.



Best Ultralight 4 season tent Great for camping with 2 persons

Terra Hiker Tent with Tent Fly, Tarp for Outdoor Activities

The best 4 season tent Terra Hiker 2 Person Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Dimensions: 80"x  53"
  • Weight: 4.73 lbs
  • Capacity: 2 persons
  • Fabric: Nylon, tar
  • More features..

The Terra 2 is a versatile tent, which serves both as a tent and pitching tent for footprint only in warm temperatures. It is designed with two doors, making access easy, and with its simple design, it can pass as the best ultralight 4 seasons tent. In addition to its versatility, space, and added value, it is the best 2 person 4 season tent.



Best Two person 4 season tent Ideal for jungle Adventurer

Tentsile Flite Plus Backpacking Portable Tree House Tent

The best 4 season tent Tentsile Flite Plus - 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Portable Tree House Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 10.6 x 9
  • Weight: 8.4lbs
  • Capacity: 2 person
  • Fabric: Nylon-composite fabric
  • More features..

The Tentsile Flite is an excellent choice for campers who love adventures. It is lightweight, yet sturdy, with enough headroom and sleeping space for 2 adults and their luggage. Without a doubt, it is the best 2 person 4 seasons backpacking tent. This tent was designed to satisfy hikers who may not find level ground while traveling.
This feature is a result of its suspension off the ground. It is perfect for couples or friends who want to have adventures. The tents have anti-roll straps reinforcements to prevent rolling to the middle, a useful feature for multi-person camping. It has a waterproof rainfly, with a mesh, protecting you from insects.



Additional Information

Tent Type

This is one of the first things to put into consideration when you want to buy a new tent. The best kind of tent makes all the difference, depending on the reason for which you are using it. To get a better understanding of every tent type, we have put down small bits of information:


This is a popular option available in the market nowadays. It is one of the old models, with a rigid frame and a cover above it. Since their arch is high, these tents are designed to counteract the effects of harsh conditions like rain. Set up for this tent is easy but can also result in specific headroom challenges. They are well-known for not being spacious.


This is a popular choice for most people. They use only two poles, making them lightweight and straightforward to set up. Its shape offers more headspace while packing. But, bigger dome tents tend to gather water and snow when you don’t use a rainfly and are not stable.

Tunnel tent

These are quite similar to dome tents, but have just one entrance. They are also longer, thus offer a better sleeping space, with adequate headrest and packing space. When compared in size, they are more significant than their dome tents counterparts, although this, in turn, means that they are heavier a bit.

Geodesic tent

These are considered the upgraded form of dome tents. They come with extra poles to give the tents more stability and stand upright. When correctly set up, they are sturdy. But, these tents are not the cheapest option for starters. Also, added time and skill is required to set them up.

Cabin tent

If you’re a fan of family camping time and nobody has an individual canvas, your best pick will be the cabin tent. They are available in various ranges, from specific seasons to 4 season types with enough room space. Their taller height makes them a good option for camping cots and gear storage. But, with the added space comes more weight that will be carried for long journeys.

Pyramid tent

Last but not least is the pyramid tent, which is classified as one of the best tents for backpacking available in the market. Set up for these tents is a bit complicated and more robust, but interestingly, they are light in weight. The canvas is established on the same basis as shelters used by most Native Americans.

Pop-up Tent

This is one of the favorites for most people and is suitable for backpacking and camping trips. If you’re a light traveler, the pop-up tent is fit as it doesn’t have extra poles for you to carry. However, they lack similar stability to other tents previously discussed.

With 4 season tents, there are various shapes listed above, although dome and geodesic tents are the steady options for 4 season tents. However, some prefer cabin shape tents for use in winter when the conditions may be adverse. Nonetheless, ensure to go for a tent that is durable and can last long.

Waterproof Rating

Number of tents Fabric – what does it mean in water resistance/waterproof!
Measurement of waterproof rating is in millimeters ( mm), and this is usually between 800mm to 10,000mm. This invariably means the amount of water pressure that can be withstood by a fabric. For instance, a tent with a rating of 3,000mm can endure 3,000mm of water-bearing on it before leakage occurs.

Additional Tips

Set up or refold the 4 season tent

The process of setting up a 4 season tent is often easy but requires specific procedures. These include:
  • Selecting and Preparing Your Tent Site
  • Laying a ground tarp
  • Unpacking and Unfolding the Tent
  • Pegging the Groundsheet Floor
  • Installation of the Center Pole
  • Installation of the Doors
  • Staking Guy Line Ropes
  • Rolling Up The Walls
These processes are subject to change as each tent is unique in its way, thus requiring specific procedures for set up.

Step-by-step for Maintenance 4 season tent guide

Always make use of a tent footprint

A tent footprint helps to cushion the effect of damage on your tent when you pitch it for the first time. Your floor will most likely get damaged if you plan to camp on a beach because of its abrasive sand. So, it’s important to use a tent ground cloth to cushion its effect.

Learn right ways to clean a tent

It’s normal for your tent to get dirty except you are camping in the living room. So, you must learn to clean your tent rightly. Sadly, most beginners fail in this important task. If your tent is not too dirty after use, you can dry clean it.
However, this is not possible always and you might need to wash with a machine. Care should be taken when washing with a machine. Wash it with cold water without detergent to preserve its lifespan. Once washing is done, dry it properly to avoid the smell.

Avoid always camping in direct sunlight

One of the main uses of camping tents is for summer camping. However, tents hate the UV radiation emanating from the sun as it can damage the tent fabric. The best way to deal with this is to set-up your campsite in a well shaded spot.
In places such as beaches where shaded areas are not achievable, you can buy an UV protection spray to avoid fabric degradation. Another ideal alternative is to use a reflective sheet to cover your tent.

Don't overlook small rips and tears

With repeated use, small rips and tears may begin to appear, and you need to act quickly on them. The faster to attend to it, the more you save it from spreading and further damage. Learn to perform on the spot repairs, so you do not forget once you get home.

Avoid cooking inside your tent

Your tent is not supposed to be used as a kitchen spot. It might not damage the tent except you start a fire deliberately inside, but it causes nasty smells.

Follow instructions when using tent poles

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized, and above all the care tips, you need to read the manufacturers guide.

Should Do Should not do

What should/should not do with a 4 season tent


Necessary precautions should be taken when leaving camp to batten down the tents hatch as the weather is unpredictable. Within a second, it can get so windy and your tent might collapse under the wind if you are not on site. Therefore, stake out your tent before leaving camp.
A well-ventilated tent is desirable, and care should be taken to ensure a part of your canvas is unzipped. Allow sufficient fresh air into your shelters, so you don’t get low oxygen level or suffocate while sleeping.
Allow your tent to dry out before packing it up after camping or using it in the rain. Packed, wet tents can cause mildew, rot, and reduce its lifespan.
There is a reason for guylines, which is to make your tent stronger while also keeping you dry. A tight knot guyline helps to keep flies away from tents during wet or windy conditions. It also protects against strong winds capable of collapsing your tent when the situation gets extreme. Also, make good use of your groundsheet to ensure a long-lasting tent.
Proper storage is essential to preserve the lifespan of your 4 season tent. Store in a cool, clean, and dry place.


Open fires are essential to keep an eye on when caring for tent and camp safety. Watch out for matches, fuel sources, and heat, ensuring they don’t get so close to your 4 season tent. Note that tents are made of flame-resistant fabrics, but they are not fireproof.
Avoid the use of harsh chemicals on your tent fabric as it can affect the waterproofing ability of your material. Chemicals such as insecticides, aerosols are known to affect the quality of your tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 4 season tent tentatively worth It?

Although 4 season tent cots are known to be on the high side in terms of price, it’s a good investment, worth every penny, whether you’re traveling to an area with harsh weather or a professional camper. Better safe than sorry like they say. In the long run, you’ll get the needed protection for all kinds of harsh conditions.

Which tent must I buy if we are more than 4 people?

If you need space for people exceeding 4 in number, then consider getting a bigger tent. Purchasing more tents is not practical and will be costlier in the long run. The good news is that most brands have 6-person and 8-person tents to suit all your needs.
The major problem with some of these tents is in its features. Getting a 4 season tent in various sizes can be a stressful experience, you may want to reconsider the number of people you take with you.
The best 4 season tent can be found in sizes for four persons, with top brands built to accommodate two people. You can try all of them if need be.

Should I buy a tent that is freestanding or non-freestanding?

A freestanding tent does not require stakes being pulled down. Generally, they are heavier when kept than when planted on the floor. Opting for a freestanding tent gives more alternatives and saves you the stress of looking for an area with hard ground to prevent pulling of stakes.
Likewise, non-freestanding tests are a bit difficult to set up. They require a hard ground surface to ensure the stability of the tent. If you plan to camp in harsh weather, they are a better option for you.

 Which is the best tent for camping cots?

A camping cot offers extra comfort, lifting you from the floor. However, it consumes space, and its addition requires a square surface and height. A better alternative is the cabin tent, which gives you enough cot space.
If you intend to add a camping cot, the best tent for you is the ALPS mountaineering camp Creek 4 person tent. Note that the cot should not be too far from the door to enable ease of entry without tripping.

What is the benefit of buying a tarp?

The tarp is an excellent addition to your tent. It serves as both a footprint and rainfly, with ease of set up. If you don’t have a footprint or rainfly on your tent, a tarp can suffice for these.


The tent is an exciting phase of any camping trip. You can accomplish all you want with the right tent. These best rated 4 season tents have ratings from various experts and are approved for the value offered and standard features. We hope this article will help you make the right decisions.

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