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Best 4 Person Tents – The Top 8 in 2020

best 4 person tents
Tents are essential in outdoor camping, and the quality of your adventure can be dependent on the canvas you are using. For a group of 3-4 people, it is essential to choose the best 4 person tent.
Getting a tent is one thing, but getting a quality tent is the real deal. Here is a list of the best rated 4 person tents that helps you filter your options in the saturated market.

Who Needs 4 Person Tent?

Most times, people don’t go camping alone; they often go in groups. You need the best rated 4 person tent if you are camping with a minimal number of people.
It is a perfect fit if you have a maximum of four people or less in the group. The best 4 person camping tents can take four members conveniently.
Therefore, you need 4 person tents if you are camping in a group of four. It is suitable for a family with four people, even with two adults and two kids.

When Do You Need 4 Person Tent?

You need a camping tent when you are on an outdoor adventure. Similarly you need the best 4 person tent for activities that include camping, hiking, picnic, and so on.
A quality tent serves as your temporary home and shelter during the period of this event. Likewise, it gives you privacy while also securing your properties.

Don't Have Time To Go Evaluate The Details?

Here is a quick list of The top 8 rated 4 person tents for your consideration.

Best 4 person Tent - How To Choose?

The choice of the best 4 person tent can vary with individual needs. That is why we provide you with a diverse option to enable you to pick the best for you.
Here are a few guides that will certainly help you on how to choose the best 4 person tent to meet your needs.

Your Camping Style

The type of camping you want to embark on is crucial in choosing the best tent for you. You might not find it comfortable with making use of a mountaineering tent for a car camping, a truck tent would be better. Therefore, you should understand your camping style and pick the best canvas to fit the purpose.

Environmental Conditions

The ecological condition and the weather at the time of your camping is another crucial factor to consider. You might need to find a waterproof tent during the rainy season or a properly ventilated tent in areas with harsh weather conditions.

Choose The Right Size For Your Camping Group

Imagine using a 4 person tent for a 6 group outing; it doesn’t sound good enough, right? It is essential to evaluate the number of people in your camping group. Consider the comfort and convenience of each member of the group by selecting a tent with the appropriate height and size.

Consider Your Budget

Cost-effectiveness is one of the features of a good buy. You can stay within the limit of your budget and still purchase a high-quality product. If you have a low budget, consider going for a secondhand product to cut costs.

Ease of Use and Comfort

You wouldn’t want to have stressful camping, right? To avoid this, you should choose a product that is easy to use and guarantees your comfort.


If you would love privacy while on a camping trip, it is essential to get a tent meeting this requirement. You consider the transparency and other revealing factors in a tent.

Your Specs

It is not advisable to compromise your standard and preferred features while choosing your 4 person tent. Therefore, you should also consider your favorite features before deciding to go for a particular product.

Features to look for in Best 4 Person Tents


Weight is an essential factor to consider, especially in a type of camping such as hiking, where you need to carry the tent along. The average weight of a kind 4 person tent should be around.
It should be easy to take your camping tent along regardless if you are biking, cycling, or trekking to your camping site. Likewise, it should be easy to disperse the weight with various members of the camping group.
On our part, we select the products with optimum weight suitable for various camping styles.

Interior Space

The interior space of a tent will determine the number of people it will conveniently take. Likewise, the interior space will also learn how much of your materials and properties it will make alongside the camping members.
If you opt for a 4 person tent, it should take four persons, including their gears and essential camping properties. The interior space of some of the tents is demarcated.


Seasonality is another crucial feature of the best 4 person tents. Wouldn’t you want a little rain drip to ruin your camping, right?
Likewise, no one would want to get different tents for different seasons. Therefore, it is best to go for a 4 person tent that can adapt to any kind of weather conditions.
We are bent on helping you get the best 4 person tents suitable for various seasons.


You won’t like to purchase a tent that would get you choked upright? That’s right!
The breathability of the 4 person tent you are getting can go a long way to determine the level of comfort you would get from the product. This specification of a canvas is determined by several factors, including vents, mesh, and doors/window/ as well as proper ventilation.
It is essential to ensure that all these factors gear towards having proper ventilation in your tent. You should understand that four people in a single tent means you must have enough air circulating, else there is a high probability of getting choked up.

Weather Resistance

Imagine you camping getting ruined because you hoped for a sunny day, but it ends up raining. It doesn’t sound, right?
This reason is why you need to get a weatherproof tent. Instead of getting worried over weather change, it is best to get the best 4 person tent.
A weatherproof or weather-resistant tent will give you peace of mind regardless of any weather change while you are out camping.

Gear Storage

One of the primary uses of a tent during camping is for gear storage. The interior space of your camping tent should be enough to store your gears.
The best-rated 4 person tents will take every member of the group as well as their gears. Likewise, if you intend to step out of your tent, you can guarantee the safety of your equipment.

Hanging Hooks

Hanging hooks play several significant roles in the utility of your 4 persons camping tent.
It is useful in hanging lamps inside the tents. Also, it helps hold exterior poles of the canvas.
If you don’t want to experience the tent’s collapse while increasing the utility, you should get hooks that perfectly fit your tents.

Privacy room

Most people want privacy in their tents. The confidentiality can be complete detachment from the environment or added screen room within the tent.
The best 4 person tents for camping will create room for privacy even within the tent. If you are someone that values privacy, then the privacy room should be one of the features you should consider.

Top Best Manufacturers

The tent market is saturated with various manufacturers and brands. However, the reputation and quality of different brands vary.
Consequently, knowing the best brands can be highly influential while choosing the best 4 person tent for you. Here are some of the best brands that make the best rated 4 person tents.
Gazelle tents are one of the best manufacturers of 4 person tents. They make quick, convenient, and comfortable 4 person tents.
Kelty tents are another reputable brand in the tent manufacturing market. They make one of the best 4 person tents with their free-standing and color-coded products.
Sundome tents are another reputable name when it comes to the best 4 person tents. Their products are of the best quality, durable, and affordable.
This brand’s unique features make it suitable for hiking and other forms of camping. They offer you one of the best options for your 4 person tents.
Eureka is another manufacturer with amazing products since its establishment in 1879. This brand produces one of the best rated 4 person tents available in the market.
GearTop is reputable for producing one of the best 4 person tents. They create some of the best outdoor products, including ones used in sports.
The tent market is not complete without the notable mention of Napier. They make products that are durable and can fit car camping.
This manufacturer makes various types of camping tent, including one of the best 4 person camping tents. Their products are often aimed at maximizing strength and space.
NKT has been in the tent market since 1975, and it has maintained a high reputation and standard. Their products are known for reliability and comfort outdoors.
ALPS specializes in the production of tents and tent related products. Their products are reputable for their durability and utility.

[Top 8] Best 4 Person Tents Comparison Table

Recommended Products WeightHeight (lbs)Floor AreaDoors
1. Coleman Sundome tent9.7 Ibs49”63’1
2. Big Agness Copper copper HV UL5.2 Ibs50”50’1
3. ALPS Mountaineering Tent8.6 Ibs52’’65’2
4. GeerTop 4 Season Tent9.1 Ibs53”54’2
5. Tetons Sport Ultra9.3 Ibs59”56’2
6. Gazelle Pop-Up Tent30 Ibs78”61’2
7. Napier SUV Tent25 Ibs84”100’1
8. Eureka! Jade Canyon18 Ibs84”64’1

Top rated 4 person tents Review

Best 4 Person Tent under $100 Coleman Sundome Tent

Dome  | 7 x 5 ft | 7 pounds | Color: Green or Navy | 1 year limited Warranty
Best 4 Person Tent under $100 the coleman sundome tent

What makes this tent different

  • Capacity: 4 people
  • Material: Polyester
  • Mesh pockets sewn into the tent's walls
  • WeatherTec System
  • E-Port
  • DarkRoom (Sunlight Blocking) Technology
  • Rainfly included
  • More features

If you are interested in a tent that is affordable yet of high quality, you should consider the Coleman Sundome Tent. It has a welded floor, waterproof, green in color, and a 1-year limited warranty.
You can quickly bring in electrical power into the tent because of the E-port. The frame of the canvas is reliable that it can withstand up to 35+ mph of wind.
It has an average weight of about 9.7ibs with a single door. Likewise, it has a height of 49″ and a floor area of 63, thus making it spacious. The setup is relatively easy, and it can be completed in less than 10 minutes.



Best Lightweight 4 Person Tent Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL

Model 2019 4 Person | 96"x 50"x 86" | 5.25 pounds | Multi dual colors
Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL- Best Lightweight 4 Person Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Doors: 2 (dual zippers)
  • Seasons: 3
  • Vestibules.: 2
  • Media pockets, storage mesh pockets
  • Full coverage rainfly
  • Best for backpacking
  • More features

Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL is the best 4 person camping tent which is orange/grey. Another unique feature of this product is the interior space.
It has two ultra-doors that make entry and exit easy. Likewise, it is waterproof’ therefore, it is suitable for various weather conditions.
The product has an average weight of 52ibs, and it is easy to set up and pack. The product has an equal height and floor area of 50″.



Best 4 person Waterproof Tent ALPS Mountaineering Tent

90" x 52" x 102"| 8.6 pounds | Lifetime Warranty| Color: Clay/Rust
ALPS Mountaineering Tent – Best 4 person Waterproof Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Seasons: 3
  • Doors: 2
  • Vestibules: 2
  • Free-Standing 2-Pole Design
  • Half mesh walls
  • UV-Resistant Fly
  • Gear Loft, Mesh Pocket
  • Packed Size: 6" x 23"
  • More features

One of the most outstanding features of this product is the ability to withstand rainfall. It has provision for internal storage of gears.
It has two doors and it is easy to set up with its two free standing poles. It has an amazing ventilation mechanism because of its half mesh walls.
The tent weighs about 8.6ibs with a height of 52″. Likewise, it has two doors and a floor area of 65′ with rust/clay color.



Best 4 Person 4 Season Tent GeerTop 4 Season Tent

GeerTop Toproad 4 Plus | 94.4" x 53" x  82.6" | 9.1 pounds | Yellow
GeerTop 4 Season Tent-Best 4 Person 4 Season Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Seasons: 4
  • Doors: 2
  • Vestibules: 2
  • Two pop up ventilation windows
  • No-See-Um mesh wall panels
  • 210T breathable polyester tent fabric
  • Ceiling Hook
  • Packaged weight: 9.1lbs
  • More features

The design suitable for all season, including spring, summer, and even cold winter day. It also gives warm camping while hiking or mountaineering adventures.
The tent has two doors with two windows to improve its ventilation. It also weighs about 9.17ibs with a height of about 53,” and it is yellow.
The pop-up ventilation windows of this product permit the inflow of air even when it is raining. The sturdy aluminum pole of the product adds a lot of stability and strength.
Check out easy steps of setting up the tent here.



Best 4 Person Waterproof Tent Tetons Sport Ultra

Mountain Ultra 4 | 98" x 83" x 59" | 9.5 pounds | Lifetime Warranty
TTetons Sport Ultra-Best 4 Person Waterproof Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Doors: 2 (two-way zipper)
  • Easy 1 person setup
  • Built-in gear pockets
  • Custom footprint included
  • Full Mesh Tent Body
  • 360-degree ventilation system
  • More features

If you don’t ever want to worry about rain while camping, Tetons Sport Ultra is a perfect pick for you. This product is part of the few waterproof tents that haven’t failed the waterproof test.
The black/brown tent is quite easy to set up and easy to pack up as well. The comfort in the tent is enhanced with the provision of built-in ventilation.
The weight of this product is about 9.5ibs with a height of 9″. Also, the 56′ floor area is complemented with two doors to allow easy access.



Best 4 Person Pop up Tent Gazelle Pop-Up Tent

T4 Pop-Up Camping Hub | 94" x 78" x 94" |  30 pounds | Green | 1 year Warranty
Gazelle Pop-Up Tent – Best 4 Person Pop up Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Doors: 2 (D-shaped)
  • Mesh screen in doors & windows
  • All Materials feature a UV50+ Rating
  • Beefy YKK zippers
  • Removable floor
  • Removable gear loft
  • Large side storage nets, wall mounted pouch pockets.
  • More features

This product is suitable if you want an instant tent without the stress of setting up. You can set it up within 9o seconds or less. Regardless of the instant pop-up, it is resistant to wind and water.
It has a detachable floor to help you get rid of sand and dirt quickly. The green tent has two doors equipped with tight weave mesh screens.
The product, however, weighs about 3oibs with a height of 78″. Likewise, the floor area is about 61′; thus, indicating a spacious tent.




Best 4 Person Car Camping Tent Napier SUV Tent

Backroadz SUV Tent| 108" x 84" x 108" | 13.2 pounds | Grey & Green
Napier SUV Tent – Best 4 Person Car Camping Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Capacity: 4-5 plus 2 in the cargo
  • Seasons: 3 Seasons- Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Doors: 1
  • Windows: 3 (mesh windows)
  • Suit to all CUV’s, SUV’s and Minivans
  • Removable patented, detachable sleeve
  • Gear pocket, lantern holder
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • More features

Of all the car-camping tents available around, Napier SUV Tent is one of the best rated 4 person tents with ash color. The manufacturers make a variety of products to fit specific needs.
The tent makes an additional option for storage because you can attach it to the trunk of the car. The nature of the canopy used for the walls of the tent can withstand various weather conditions.
The product weighs up to 25ibs; thus, it is not suitable for backpacking. The tent also has two doors with the height and floor area being 84″ and 100′ respectively.
You don’t have to worry over how to carry out the tent set up. Here is a simple guide.



Best 4 Person 3 Season Camping Tents Eureka Jade Canyon

Jade Canyon | 96" x 96" x 84" | 21.2 pounds | Lifetime warranty
Eureka! Jade Canyon – Best 4 Person 3 Season Camping Tents

What makes this tent different

  • Seasons: 3
  • Doors: 1
  • 6-pole cabin style tent
  • E! Power Port 
  • E!Luminate light system
  • E! Media Center
  • Mesh pockets
  • Overhead gear hammock
  • More features..

This product has been in existence since 1895 and Eureka Jade Canyon is its incredible height that allows users to stand upright. It has a height of 84″ and a floor area of 69′ with blue color.
It has excellent illumination due to the inclusion of a removable fabric panel and extra storage pockets. It is highly spacious and suitable for both kids and adults.
It is quite easy to set up, and the framework helps it to withstand wind and storm. It is particularly appropriate for family camping because of the size and extra storage ability.



Additional tips for tents users

Do Not Overcrowd The Tent

Most 4 person tents are suitable to take a maximum of 4 people. So, you should not overcrowd a tent; if you are more than 4, you can opt for one of the best 6 person tents for convenience.

Maintenance is Key

If you want to explore the full of your 4 person tents, then it is best to ensure proper maintenance. You would indeed be expanding the lifespan of your tent with the right maintenance practices.

Check notable features

You should ensure you focus on features that will suit your purpose and convenience. The first feature you should observe is the weight of the product and its packing ease if you are a backpacker.

Remember The Accessories

Taking the right accessories with you will improve the utility of the tent. These notable accessories include coolers, compasses, first aid kits, air mattresses, and so on.

Follow Manufacturer's Instructions

Another trick to harness the utility and improve the durability of your 4 person tents is to follow the manufacturer’s instruction.
Ensure that you set it up appropriately and follow all warranty as well as care instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I buy a premium tent?

A: Price is one of the significant factors for purchasing a premium tent. So if you have enough budget you should buy a premium tent; otherwise, you can get a secondhand product or a small canopy.

Q: Is a 4 person Tent Big Enough?

A: On average, most 4 person tents are big enough to accommodate 4 people and their luggage. If you are a group of 3 people, it is still advisable to go for a 4 person tent.

Q: How much should my tent weigh?

A: The best weight for a 4 person tent is highly dependent on the choice of an individual. You are a backpacker; your 4 person tent should weigh less than 10ibs.

Q: How much should I pay for a 4 person tent?

A: The prices of a 4 person tent vary with individual products, quality, and accessories. However, the average cost of 4 person tents ranges within $100-$500.

Q: What Are Tent Vestibules? How important is ventilation? Should My Tent Have A Vestibule?

A: Tent vestibules are one of the facilities that help to improve the ventilation of a tent. Ventilation is essential to aid breathability and prevent the tent from getting all choked up.
It will help if your tent has a vestibule. However, in a case where your tents lack vestibules, you should look out for other provisions for ventilation and breathability.

Q: Should I Get A Weather Resistant Tent?

A: Yes! It would help to get a weather-resistant Tent. Aside from the fact that it would prevent your camping from getting ruined regardless of the weather, it will also help you save the cost of purchasing different tents for different seasons.

Q: How Many Tent Doors / Windows Should I Have?

A: There are no precise standards for the number of windows and doors a tent should have as long as it suits your need and convenience. However, a canopy must have at least a door and a window to aid accessibility.

Our Verdict

Trying to locate the best 4 person tent for you can be a little bit challenging for you. These challenges can arise as a result of multiple products and different manufacturers.
However, by following this guide, you can get the best 4 person tents that suit your needs. Likewise, it would help you to quickly figure out the best product for your budget, camping style, location, and season.
The review will also help you identify the significant factors to consider while making your decisions and the key features to look out for. Overall, the best 4 person tent should be durable, easy to set up, cost-effective, and give you the best outdoor experience while out camping even on the beach.

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