Best 6 Person Tents for your nature discovery in 2020

There are many 6 person tents available on the market, so finding the ideal choice for you may be difficult. Here, we will introduce the best camping tents and their various features, all of which can comfortably accommodate six campers.By the end of this guide, we hope you will feel ready to choose an affordable and high-quality camping tent that makes camping season all the better.

Don’t Have Time For Details? 

Check Out The Top 10 of 6 person tents On The Market

01.Moose Racing Basecamp 6- Person, 4-Season Expedition
 02.Kodiak Canvas​​ Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Tent

03.Coleman® Sundome® 6-Person Dome Tent

04.Coleman® Evans​​ton™ 6-Person Dome Tent with Screen Room

05.Eureka Copper Canyon 6 – Person Tent

06.Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Rainfly

07.ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 6-Person

08.Coleman® 6-Person Instant Cabin

09.Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent With Screen Room

10.Coleman® Elite Sundome® 6-Person Tent with built-in lights

What is a 6 Person Camping Tent?

6-person camping tents are outdoor shelters that can securely house a total of six inhabitants. They make spending time outdoors safe and cozy, whether you want to sleep outdoors or are just looking for temporary shelter to rest.Ideal 6-man camping tents are spacious enough to provide room for six people. They should also be compact enough to make it easy to carry with you on your outdoor adventures, especially if you are hiking or biking.

Who Needs a 6 Person Camping Tent?

You need a 6-person camping tent if you enjoy spending time outdoors and want to prepare for any eventuality when traveling with groups. You may be part of an outdoor camping group with friends or you may enjoy taking your family on hikes. A six-people tent holds six individuals, although you may prefer a text of this size even if you are only camping with a couple other people.

6 person tents are some of the most spacious out there and can offer an array of features to suit different needs.

What are the Features to Consider in 6 Person Tents?

You may be surprised at the various features a six-person tent can provide. Follow this guide and you will feel confident about your future purchase, as opposed to overwhelmed by the options.

Set up

The ease with which a camping tent is pitched can be an appealing feature to many consumers. You may be looking for a 6 person automatic tent that uses hydraulics to self-assemble in mere seconds.Six-person instant tents are especially useful after a day of hiking, fishing, biking or other outdoor activities that leave you exhausted. With just a push of a button, your tent can be up and ready for you to hop in and relax.If you have several people with you, you all may relish putting the tent or tents together as a group activity. More hands-on setups are common with a 6 person shelter tent.So when considering the future pitch of your six person tent, it is best to figure out in advance who you are traveling with and your itinerary. You may have only a couple other people with you on your camping excursion, or you may have several.If you are going to be especially active before setting up your tent, you may not want to engage in a lengthy and difficult setup process. On the other hand, if you are driving to your campsite, you may well have the energy to set up a text that is more complex.This brings us to our next consideration, location.


Where you plan on camping will have all the bearing on the type of 6 person camping tent to purchase. When we think about camping, we traditionally think about a small group in the woods, setting up their tents beside a lake, with a small fire burning nearby. But the concept of camping has evolved over the years.Many city dwellers own camping tents yet never intend to leave the city and venture out into Mother Nature. They instead set their tents up in the backyards of their homes or on the roofs of their apartment buildings.Such campers as these may require tents with different designs than those who camp out in the woods. If you are hiking and intending to set up camp with your group, you may be interested in a 6 person ultralight tent that is easy to carry.Campers who are simply camping out in their yard or on the roof of their building may be searching for the best 6 person tent for windy conditions. This will assure you that your tent will not blow away when it is set up but you are not inside it.No matter where you intend to use your tent, we will consider the various types of 6 person camping tents that suit different locations below.


The design of your 6 person camping tent will make all the difference to your camping experience. There are many different design elements to consider when shopping for a new camping tent.

Roof style

Most camping tents are designed with one of two different roofing styles, either dome or cabin. Both allow for proper rain drainage, although dome tents often require more poles and infrastructure to setup, so they can be bulkier.


Six person tents with room dividers allow for privacy. Some have walls that make one tent into two separate rooms, great for couples, families and groups of friends alike.


This feature allows for proper ventilation, especially important for spacious tents holding several campers. Some tents are even equipped with screen rooms, which allow you and your guests to bask in the sun and enjoy fresh air without dealing with outdoor bugs.

Pole material

The material used to create your tent’s poles can affect the sturdiness and weight of the tent. Most poles are constructed of aluminum or fiberglass, with fiberglass being the most affordable and aluminum being common for sturdy yet lightweight tents.

While there are other design features to consider, these are the most common. We will explore other design aspects in depth below.

Included accessories

​When you purchase a 6 person tent, you may be pleased to discover it comes with accessories to make the camping experience even better. Some of these accessories may include:


Tent fly is an outer layer of the tent that serves as a standalone structure. If you choose a 6 person tent with rainfly, you are assured to get even more protection from the elements.

Carry bag

This is another nice accessory that may come with your new tent. They are designed to make storing your tent easy and are often weatherproof for added durability.


Modern tents often feature built-in E-ports. A 6 person tent with ac port allows you to stay connected even in the middle of nowhere.

Storage pockets

If you find yourself needing extra space for your personal items, a tent with built-in storage pockets may be ideal for you. You would find more easier when everything is organized in those pocket, especially with visible mesh storage.

Hinged doors

These rigid doors are formed by poles and are usually D shaped. They are designed to make it easy to enter and leave the tent securely and plus more privacy.


Depending on how often you intend to use your 6 person camping tent and the location, weight may be an important factor in your decision making. The average weight of camping tents that can hold six individuals is 20 lbs.

Twenty pound is not a huge amount if you are driving to your campsite. If you are hiking or biking to your campsite, this may be an issue and you may prefer to purchase a lighter tent. You may also choose to disperse the parts of the camping tent between yourself and your fellow hikers. This will allow for everyone to carry just a couple extra pounds in addition to their gear, and likely make for a more pleasant hike.Considering how and where you intend to set up your camping tent, weight can be an important feature.

We will keep track of the weight of each tent we profile below for your convenience. 


The price of a 6 person camping tent may be the biggest deciding factor for many consumers. This can especially be the case if you have narrowed your decision down to a couple different tents and need a push to make a final choice.Regarding to my experience, the most popular and bestselling 6 person camping tents range in price from about $100 to several hundred dollars. 

We took price into consideration when making our selections, with higher priced tents only making the cut if they have exceptional quality and performance value.


Well-known tent manufactures often plays a huge part in a person’s purchasing decision. We all have favorite brands that we turn to when buying something new.Many of the best-loved 6 person camping tents are manufactured by popular outdoor equipment brands like Coleman, Kodiak and Timber Ridge.

[Top 10] Best 6 Person Tents Comparison Table


tent type

Pole material


1. Moose Racing Basecamp 6 Person

Dome roof


9.5 lbs.
2. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Tent

Pyramid roof


68 lbs.
3. Coleman Sundome Tent

Dome roof


18 lbs.
4. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Dome roof


19.4 lbs.
5. Eureka Copper Canyon 6 -Person Tent

Cabin style


23.2 lbs
6. Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Rainfly

Cabin style


16.5 lbs.
7. ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 6-Person Tent

Dome style


17.2 lbs.
8. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Cabin style


23 lbs.
9. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

Dome style


32 lbs.
10. Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent with LED Light System

Dome style


20 lbs.

Best Top 10 Six person Tents With Review

01. Enjoy the Outdoors No Matter the Season with Moose Racing Basecamp Base Camp 6 Person, 4 Season Expedition

All season | 120″W x 66″H x 96″D | Two colors | One Year Limited Warranty

Moose Racing Basecamp Base Camp 6 Person, 4 Season Expedition-Quality Backpacking Tent

FEATURES make this tent different:
  • Double doors.
  • Bathtub floor.
  • 2 interior mesh pockets.
  • Interior gear loft.
  • Interior pole hook.
  • Lantern hanging loop.
  • Rainfly with four bat wings.
  • Metal stakes.
  • Overall weight: 9.5 lbs.

This 6 person camping tent by Moose Country Gear is our top choice, thanks to its impressive design and reasonable price. The floor size is a spacious 10’ x 8’ and boasts an additional 42” vestibule, ideal for storing gear. It has two sets of D-shaped double doors and a cross ventilation system provided by seal-able vents.This Moose Racing 6 person camping tent shock corded 9.5 mm aluminum poles and a speed-clip set up, for easy pitching and stable sheltering. It includes a carrying bag, stakes and a rain cover, all for just under ten pounds of carrying weight.If you are wondering what are best four season 6 person backpacking tents, Moose Racing’s Expedition is just that.


  • Easy set up
  • Great price
  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Vestibule makes entering/exiting difficult
  • Small top vents
  • May be too warm inside for some users

How to set up

  1. Spread the tent and accessories across a flat, even surface
  2. Affix the longer poles and slide them through sleeves across the roof of the tent so that they cross at a diagonal
  3. Insert wall poles into the bottom of the sleeves on the raised side of the roof
  4. Insert the pin from corner rings into the bottom rings
  5. Raise other side of tent so it is completely standing
  6. Clip the tent to the wall poles and stake the web loops down
  7. Stake all guy-lines down at an angle for added security

02. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Tent – Deluxe in Every Sense

Four season | 120″ W x 84″ D x 66″H | Two colors | Lifetime Limited Warranty

 Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Tent, Deluxe

  • Flex-bow frame.
  • 100% cotton duck canvas construction.
  • Hydra-Shield.
  • Polyester-reinforced vinyl floor.
  • Stainless steel wire loop stakes.
  • 72” x 78” awning.
  • Storage space.
  • 10’ x 10’ overall.
  • Overall weight: 68 lbs.

The well constructed by using 100% cotton duck canvas could help the Kodiak Canvas tent will hold the best position in advanced feature list – the durability, it will lasting all year long.Another plus point is  the Hydra-Shield construction to ensure rain and snow are kept out, while still being breathable for comfort. Air flow and temperature are further promoted by its two funnel-flow vents and four large mesh windows that allow you to see out without anyone being able to see in. This canvas tent with awning also features storage pockets and a customizable gear loft for added convenience. Wire stake loops constructed of stainless steel ensure it stays in place despite windy conditions.Weighing in at a hefty 68 pounds this is not easy to cart around with you while backpacking, even when the parts are divided among your fellow travelers. It is great for those who are RV-ing or driving another type of vehicle to their campsite, however.Its superb construction and thoughtful details make this Kodiak 6 person camping tent our number-two choice.


  • Breathable and durable canvas build.
  • Ample storage.
  • High ceiling.
  • Watertight; 4 seasons.


  • On the pricier side
  • Bulky.
  • No E-port.

How to set up

  1. Remove all parts and lay out on a flat, even surface.
  2. Ensure tent is taut and stake all four corners at an angle.
  3. Stake remaining loops and D-rings.
  4. Affix the two T-poles.
  5. Lay the two T-poles along the top of the tent with T-connectors facing downward.
  6. Fully insert spring rods into all four sleeves along the top of the tent.
  7. Grab and push down both ends of the T-poles.
  8. Slide the sleeve brace over the pole joints until the push pins lock the brace in place.
  9. Stand poles upright and insert the upright pole into post along the bottom of the T-pole.
  10. Lift the pole and place it into the pin attached to the D-ring at the bottom of the tent.
  11. Repeat on the other side of the tent.

03. Engage in Tech and Nature with Coleman Sundome Tent 

All season | 120″W x 72″H x 120″D | Green | Navy/Grey | One Year Limited Warranty.

 Coleman Sundome Tent

  • Weather-Tec weatherproof construction
  • 75 denier rainfly
  • Enhanced and adjustable Variflo ventilation
  • Simple setup in about 10 minutes
  • E-port
  • Storage pockets
  • Privacy mesh windows
  • 10’ x 10’ floor space
  • Total weight: 18 lbs

Sundome® 6-Person Dome Tent is weather-proof shelter thanks to its Weather-Tec design, Polyguard fabric and reinforced seams.This spacious 6 person tent with ac port allows you to plug in your devices while providing a weatherproof shelter. At the center of the tent, it measures 6’ high, while the tub floor is 10’ x 10’, perfect for air mattresses and sleeping bags.It is built with two windows and ground vents for increased air flow. This Coleman tent is also simple to pitch, thanks to its patented pin-and-ring corner pole system and Insta-Clip suspension.Its rainfly adds an extra layer of protection from the rain and an awning is present so you can enjoy time outside its doors without worrying about rainfall. For added convenience, this 6 person ultralight tent has built-in storage pockets and includes a carrying case.Thanks to its strong build and thoughtful details, this Coleman camping tent is our number-three selection.


  • Completely weatherproof
  • Lightweight
  • Fast set up
  • E-port


  • Not much storage space
  • Stakes not super sturdy
  • Only top portion of the door is screened

How to set up

  1. Unpack and layout tent contents onto an even surface.
  2. Stake the four corners of the tent through the stake ring, at an angle, so tent floor is taut.
  3. Insert the longer tent poles into the sleeves at the top of the tent.
  4. Using the pin-and-clip system, connect these poles to the tent and stand upright.
  5. Use the shorter poles to rainfly with the Velcro straps, pockets and S-hooks along the roof of the tent.
  6. Stake down in the four corner guylines at an angle.

04. Lounge with Ease in the Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

All season | 120″W x 69.6″H x 108″D | Green | Navy/Grey | One Year Limited Warranty.

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room | Evanston Camping Tent with Screened-In Porch

  • Weather-Tec construction
  • Waterproof bathtub floor
  • Spacious screen room
  • Pitches fast and easy
  • Window awnings increase airflow
  • Storage pockets along interior walls
  • ​Removable rainfly for stargazing

Another spiffy Coleman camping tent, and one that may answer the question: what is the best Coleman 6 person tent?This camping tent boasts a unique 10’ x 5’ screen room, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in various weather conditions. It is constructed of weatherproof polyester taffeta 75 denier and utilizes Weather-Tec technologyIt has a total floor size of 10’ x 9’ and a center height is on the shorter side at 5’8”, meaning taller campers will need to stoop a bit. Its spacious entrance makes it easy to go into and out of the tent. This Evanston™ Screened 6-Person Tent also windows with awnings to avoid rain getting into the tent and storage pockets for convenience. These features and its low price make it our number-four choice.


  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Neat screen room
  • Affordable


  • No E-port
  • Not much storage space

How to set up

  1. Unpack and layout the tent contents on a flat surface.
  2. Stake down tent corners through stake rings and keep floor taut.
  3. Stake down the rest of the stake rings.
  4. Unfold and interlock all poles.
  5. Insert the body and the vestibule poles into the pole sleeves.
  6. Insert one pin into each end of each pole.
  7. Attach clips to body pole along each edge of the tent.
  8. Adjust stakes as needed for security.

05. Wind and Gear are No Obstacle for Eureka Copper Canyon 6 – Person Tent

Three season | 120″W x 84″H x 120″D | Brown | Lifetime Limited Warranty

 Eureka Copper Canyon 6 -Person Tent

  • 9 pole cabin-style tent
  • Steel and fiberglass frame
  • Zippered power port
  • Ring/pin assembly
  • Gear loft and storage pocket
  • Total weight: 23.2 lbs

The Eureka Copper Canyon is one of the best 6 person tents for windy conditions, thanks to its ultra-strong frame made of steel and fiberglass.Its interior peak reaches a height of 7 feet, ideal for taller campers and those who just prefer a roomier setup. At the peak of the tent is a hanging gear loft which, along with side pockets, allow for plenty of storage options.The ring/pin assembly makes it easy for beginners and master campers alike to pitch. It also boasts an E-port for charging devices, plugging in string lights and more.It has a bathtub floor and a rugged design that makes it ideal as a Three season 6 person tent with AC port, and our overall number-five choice.


  • Simple set up
  • Neat storage
  • Top vents
  • Rainfly


  • No awning
  • Pricy
  • Somewhat bulky

How to pitch the Eureka Copper Canyon 6 -Person Tent

  1. Spread the tent and accessories along a flat, even surface.
  2. Affix the longer poles and slide them through sleeves across the roof of the tent, at a diagonal.
  3. Insert ferrules into ribbed area of corner elbows.
  4. Insert wall poles into the bottom of the elbows on a raised side of the roof.
  5. Insert the pin from corner rings into the bottom ferrules.
  6. Raise other side of tent so it is completely standing.
  7. Clip the tent to the wall poles and stake the web loops down.
  8. Stake all guylines down at an angle.

06. Warm Summer Nights are Even Better with Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Rainfly

Three season | 120″W x 78″H x 120″D | Dual color | One Year Limited Warranty.

Timber Ridge Camping Tent 6 Person Instant Tent 10x10

  • 190T polyester fabric
  • Assembles quickly in about 5 minutes
  • 3 zippered mesh windows
  • 1 Large O-shaped door
  • Top rainfly / Top mesh
  • Bathtub floor
  • E-port
  • Storage pockets
  • Lantern hook on the ceiling
  • Total weight: 16.5 lbs

A product from Timber Ridge with easy setup will let you enjoy time in the Great Outdoors with ease, thanks to its simple setup and superb details.It boasts a quick-open system that automatically pitches in about five minutes, meaning you can spend more time relaxing and less time dealing with difficult and lengthy setups. The bathtub floor space measures 10’ x 10’, with a ceiling peak of 6’6”. The large O-shaped door makes entry and exit simple, with three mesh zippered windows and top mesh vents allowing for excellent airflow. It is considered a 3 season tent, although we think it may be best for summer weather.Conveniently, this 6 person automatic tent has a side pocket for storage. Features such as this help make it our number-six selection


  • Ultra-simple set up
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Rainfly
  • Affordable


  • No awning
  • Not much storage space
  • Not ideal for extreme weather

How to assemble the Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

  1. The frame is pre-attached to the tent.
  2. Extend each pole after removing the tent from its packaging.
  3. Stake each corner and sides to the ground at an angle.

07. Value and Style Denote ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 6-Person Tent

All season | 120″Wx 72″H x 120″D | Sage/Rust | Lifetime Limited Warranty

 ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 6-Person Tent

  • Waterproof and UV damage proof
  • 75D 185T polyester with anti-UV coating
  • 12.7mm Fiberglass poles
  • Mesh roof
  • Dual doors /Dual vestibules
  • Mesh pockets and gear loft
  • Total weight: 17 lbs., 2 oz.

This stylish and 6 person tent pop up by ALPS is both well made and features an array of alluring features for a low price.It is built with two covered zipper entryways, a mesh roof and mesh windows, which allow for easy entrance and excellent ventilation. You can set it up in just minutes thanks to the pole clips, ring and pin frame connectors and two fiberglass poles.Within the tent, you will find a handy gear loft and storage pockets. The floor measures 10’ x 10’ and includes two vestibules. ALPS best 6 person tent with vestibule is both convenient and affordable, landing at our number-seven spot.


  • Easy to set up
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dual entryways


  • Thin floor material
  • Not sturdy enough for all weather
  • A bit bulky

How to assemble the ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 6-Person Tent

  1. Open the package and layout the tent and accessories on a flat surface
  2. Extend the two main poles so they are completely open
  3. Using frame clips and pins, attach each pole end to each corner of the tent diagonally
  4. Hook the top of the tent to where the poles meet and work your way down each side, affixing the clips of the tent to the poles until you reach the base
  5. Stand the tent up and stake each corner in at an angle, before staking tent sides

08. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup is Designed for Light Sleepers

All season | 120″W x 72″H x 108″D | Brown | One Year Limited Warranty.

 Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup | Cabin Tent for Camping Sets Up in 60 Seconds

  • Weather-Tec design
  • Pitches in about 1 minute
  • Blocks 90% of sunlight
  • Built-in rainfly
  • Integrated storage pockets
  • 150D/150D Polyester Mesh
  • Total weight: 23 lbs.

Another Coleman 6 person automatic cabin tent has made it on our list, boasting a quick set up and other unique features that help it stand out.Like the other Coleman tents mentioned, this one has double thick Polyguard walls, waterproof flooring and a Weather-Tec construction. Its built-in rainfly allows for better ventilation and further rain protection.The interior measures in at 10’ x 9’ and has a 6’ high ceiling at its peak. As a Coleman Dark Room tent, it blocks out 90% of sunlight, great for those who are light sleepers while also keeping the interior temperatures low in ultra-sunny conditions. It comes with a carry bag and pre-assembled poles for added convenience. These distinct traits and its affordable price make it our number-eight choice.


  • Quick and simple set up
  • Deflects sunlight
  • Weatherproof
  • Affordable


  • Rainfly is not removable
  • Bulkier than others

How to set up

  1. The poles come pre-attached to the tent
  2. Open the package and layout the tent on a flat, even surface
  3. Unfold the arm joints at each corner of the tent
  4. Extend each telescoping pole until the snap into place, raising the tent in the process
  5. Check to ensure all clips are properly attaching the tent to the poles
  6. Stake each corner of the tent, keeping the floor taut
  7. Attach guylines and stake, adjusting sliders to ensure a tight connection

 Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup instruction

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup instruction

09. Kick back and relax in Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

Three season | 132″W x 81.6″H x 108″D | Brown | One Year Limited Warranty.

 Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

  • Weather-Tec and Polyguard construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Mesh ceiling with attachable full rainfly
  • Rectangular floor
  • Separate screen room
  • Storage pockets
  • Angled windows
  • Hinged door
  • E-port
  • Total weight: 32 lbs

This spacious and versatile 6 person tent with full rainfly by Coleman is one of our favorites, thanks to its durability and thoughtful design details.It has waterproof floors that measure 11’ x 9’, large enough for two queen sized air mattresses. Constructed of Polyguard material and a rugged Weather-Tec construction, it will keep you warm and dry season after season.The best feature about this WeatherMaster® 6-Person Tent is its screened in room, which is separated from the rest of the tent by a divider. This screen room is floorless and provides superb ventilation and views.For added convenience, an E-port, interior storage pockets and a carrying bag are included. These details help make it our number-nine choice and favorite 6 person tent with screen room


  • Anti-bug with spacious screen room
  • Tall ceiling
  • Weatherproof
  • Detachable rainfly


  • Bulkier than most
  • Lengthy set up time
  • No floor in screen room

How to set up Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

  1. Unpack and unfold the tent on a level surface. Drive stakes through web loops at an angle once the tent is taut.
  2. Assemble the four curved ridge poles and insert the two with red markings into the center sleeves at the top of the tent.
  3. Insert the remaining two poles into the other two ceiling sleeves.
  4. Assemble the eight leg poles, ensuring the steel button locks into place on the third of four holes.
  5. Insert curved end of leg poles with the red markings into the end of the ridge poles with red markings. After, insert the remaining leg poles into remaining ridge poles.
  6. Snap leg poles into the plastic hooks at corners and sides of the tent.
  7. Adjust lower and upper leg poles as you stretch the tent so that it reaches its full height.
  8. Insert plastic stakes through the web straps on all sides of the tent and hammer down to secure.

10. Light up the night with Coleman Elite Sundome Tent with Led System

All season | 144″W x 72″H x 120″D | Green | dual-color | One Year Limited Warranty.

Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent with LED Light System

  • Easy 10 minute pitch
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Built-in 100-lumens LED lights
  • Rectangular shapes
  • Fits two queen sized air mattresses
  • Hinged door
  • Mesh roof
  • E-port
  • Total weight: 20 lbs.

The final tent on our list is courtesy of Coleman, with this Elite Sundome® model our only 6 person tent with LED lights.Like other Coleman tents, this one features a weatherproof construction courtesy of its Polyguard and Weather-Tec construction. Unlike others, however, it has built in LED lights within the roof of the tent that offer three brightness settings.It takes only about 10 minutes to set up this camping tent and it also boasts an E-port and interior storage pockets. A removable room divider is included to turn it into a two-room camping tent.Above the door is an awning, while two windows and ground vents help fresh air circulate. The affordability, average weight and neat features help make this Coleman 6 person tent with awning one of our favorites.


  • Simple, fast set up
  • Two rooms
  • Unique LED lighting
  • E-port


  • Room divider is ultra-thin and flimsy
  • Not the most durable
  • Not for use in all seasons

How to set up

  1. Unpack and unfold tent and spread it across an even surface
  2. Affix the two longest black shock corded poles together
  3. Insert these into the sleeves along the top of the tent
  4. Insert one end of each black pole into the pins at the front corner of the tent
  5. Apply pressure to the opposite ends of each pole to help it form an arch
  6. Insert the pin into the pole end at each corner of the tent
  7. Affix frame clips along the edges of the tent to black main pole
  8. Make floor taut by stretching the sides of the tent and hammer stakes into loops to secure it

Additional Tips and Tricks

There are many things to consider when owning a 6 person camping tent. We will try to make that easier for you by considering ways to maintain your tent.

Follow the instructions

  • Your camping tent will come with manufacturer’s instructions that you should hold onto for the entire lifespan of the tent. These instructions will inform you of how to set up the tent, how to care for it, warranty information, etc..

Don’t forget the accessories

Owning a tent is only the beginning of your camping adventures. Peruse this list for our favorite camping essentials:

  • Lanterns
  • Dutch ovens
  • Air mattresses, sleeping bags or camp pads
  • Coolers
  • Compasses
  • First aid kits
  • Multi function tools, like Swiss Army Knives

It could be some of our favorite must-have accessories for making your camping trip even more comfortable and exciting

Maintenance is key

  • Extend the lifespan of your 6 person shelter tent by keeping it well maintained. This includes keeping the interior and exterior clean, safely storing it when not in use and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best care practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we will take you through some of the most common questions pertaining to 6 person camping tents

Q: Are 6 person shelter tents easy to set up?

  • That all depends on the type of tent. As we saw in our reviews above, some of our favorite tents allow for instant set up, pitching in a matter of minutes.Other more complex camping tents will take you longer to put together. Reference our instructions included with each tent review to see how easy or difficult it is to pitch individual tents.

Q: Are 6 person camping tents easy to maintain?

  • Yes, most camping tents are easy to maintain. The main thing is to keep them clean and stored in a dry area when they are not in use.Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your specific 6 person camping tent to ensure you are properly maintaining it.

Q: Where can I go for camping inspo?

  • Interested in the latest camping gear? Wondering about the best campsites at your camping destination?Enjoy a seemingly endless source of camping inspiration by finding camping blogs and videos that speak to your camping style. You can find many popular resources by well-known camping enthusiasts who can make your next camping trip a blast.


​Finding the perfect 6 person camping tent for you would typically require lots of time and research. By following this guide, we hope we have made that search a lot easier.Be sure to always consider your destination, the season, your camping partners and your budget before you settle on a 6 person camping tent. Once these are established, you can have a bit more fun considering the various features that appeal to you most.Remember, the best 6 person camping tents are those that suit your needs and make you excited to head out into the Great Outdoors.

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