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best truck tents
Truck tents are handy because you don’t have to waste time finding the right place to set them up. But finding the best truck tent bed is not easy because there are overwhelming options to go through. We had been doing extensive research on best truck tents and were scared to death to pull the trigger on the best truck bed tents. How could these truck tents hold up in rain and snow?
Finally, we managed to compile the best truck bed tent reviews. All of them are effortless to set up and offer ample space for serious comfort while camping.
So let’s find out what these 10 best truck tents have to offer you.

Don’t Have Time For Further Details?

Here is a quick list of 10 best truck tents for your consideration.

What is the best truck tent
why choose a truck top tent?

For those of you who are not familiar with a truck tent, it is a kind of tent that you set up on the bed of your truck. You can use different types of hooks and attach your tent to the ground for better stability. But in most cases, you link these hooks and clamps with the bed of your truck. Some models even allow you to strap them with the tailgate as well as other places on your truck.
If you are not an avid camper but still love to spend time outdoors, this tent type is the right choice. Family campers prefer using these tents for better weather protection. Additionally, the campsite is highly portable and instantly accessible, and of course, you have more packing space as well.

Best Truck Tent - How To Choose?

Here are some crucial factors that you must keep in mind before you start thinking about buying a truck tent:

Know Yourself

The first thing that you need to understand is your ability and skills in truck tenting. Trunk tents vary in terms of how you can set them up. An experienced truck camper can go with any type of truck bed tent.
But if you are a newbie, then you need to go for a design that is effortless to set up and take apart. You also need to go for a tent that doesn’t need much care, maintenance, or repairs during or after your trip.

Ease Of Use

Whether you are skilled or a fresher, it is better for you to choose an easy to set up truck tent. Even if you have years of experience, you don’t need to spend hours setting your tent up. It needs to have designs that don’t need much expertise.
Without a shadow of a doubt, and regardless of your experience with truck camping, you need to pick a truck tent that is very simple to set up and takedown. It should be up in no time and should be down within minutes as well.

How to Match a Tent to Your Truck?

The simplest of all the methods is to match a tent with your truck model. You can go through those dimensions and check the footprint of the tent and see if it matches your truck’s bed.

Type of your vehicle

Make your decision wisely when choosing the right kind of tent according to your vehicle type. For instance, you can’t use a long bed truck tent with a vehicle that has a short bed. The clamps and hooks, as well as all other accessories, need to match between the vehicle and the tent. Otherwise, you will have to prepare yourself with a lot of disappointment.

Type of Vehicle Tents

Here are different types of truck beds tents that you can choose based on your vehicle types.

As the name goes, these truck tents are made for short-bed trucks. Although these tents are portable, they don’t have much room in them. If you are looking to rest for a little while, it is a good choice for a quick nap.

These tests are designed for trucks that have long beds. These beds provide you with a much better room on the inside, but they are not as portable as the short bed tents.
The truck tents with toppers have one advantage over the short bed truck tents. They have better storage space available for the users. There is some portion of the tent that is right on top of your vehicle’s cabin/cockpit. You can use this space to put your children to sleep or place some of your gear there.
Tailgate tents can be as big as you want them to be, and they can provide you with plenty of space for yourself as well as the gear. Some portion of this tent is on your truck bed, while a little part is outside your vehicle. You can use your truck bed as your resting place and use the rest of the tent to do anything else.


There are some key features that you must keep under check according to the type of climate in the area where you have planned your trip.


Waterproofing would be great if the region sees some frequent rains when you have planned your trip.


The number of people who will join you on your trip will give you the information on how big of a truck tent you need.


A tent with proper ventilation is useful when you are visiting a humid region. Even in any other weather, it is important to prevent condensation. You can also use your vehicle’s air control system to keep your tent ventilation if it is that urgent. But make sure that you choose a tent with proper ventilation.


The choice between hooks and strapping is important. Straps will work better if you are going in a windy place. They are far more rigid than hooks and clamps.


Choose the right kind of tent and look for the accessories accordingly. For example, if you are going for a tailgating tent, then you will need some stakes and guy lines as well.


Another important thing that you must keep in mind is your budget. You must not get too carried away with the features. There is no point in considering a tent that you cannot afford. There are a plethora of options available for you to explore. So make your choice wisely.

Features to look for in the best Truck tent

Basic Features must have on Best truck tent

Tent Capacity

Choose your tent type according to the people who will be joining you on your trip. Don’t make it too congested for you and others. If there are four people with you, then choose a 4-person tent. It will allow you to store the gear with convenience too.


Always choose the tent material based on the weather in the region where you have planned your trip. Your time in the tent will be far more comfortable if you make a choice based on the weather.


You must keep in mind what type of tent will be suitable for your trip’s requirements. The vehicle type needs to be compatible with your tent type. It needs to have some space available for the gear if you want to store that. The design, shape, height, and length all are important.


Your tent needs to be durable irrespective of the type of your vehicle; and the weather you are going to experience. The material of the poles, guylines, and stakes, as well as the fabric, needs to be of top-notch quality.


If you have some gear with you as well, then you will need storage space for that too. Therefore, you need to make your choice according to your needs and requirements. It is important so that your trip remains aligned with your goals.

Advance Features You should take a look on truck tent


Different tent materials come with different weatherproof ratings. The tents with higher weatherproof ratings are expensive. Therefore, if you are planning to go in colder climates, then go for a top-quality tent that can keep you warm on the inside, and there is a winter rating for each tent as well.

Cab Access

The tents designed to provide access to your vehicle’s cabin are handy in rainy and cold climates. You won’t have to go out to get something from your vehicle’s cabin. But these tents come with a hefty price tag. And some of the portions of these tents might be needed to set up on the ground too.

Built-In Floor

Some tents also come with their inbuilt floors, which are called footprints. Choose this feature if you are going to a rainy region because the ground underneath your feet won’t get wet. Tents with footprint are expensive.


No matter what season you are camping, your tent needs to have proper vents to keep the inside air fresh at all times. It is more important with the truck tents because one half of the canvas is attached to your vehicle.

Additional Accessories to Look up

These are additional accessories which you should notice when looking for your best truck tent.


Rainfly provides you with extra protection against rain and will be useful for you to keep the water flowing off your tent.


The awning will provide your tent with a roof and will keep your tent well protected from sun exposure, both outdoor and indoor.

Insect screens

Don’t forget to check the insect screen of your truck tent if you are going to an area where there are insects.

Wind flaps

With wind flaps, your tent will become heavier with the air blowing over its surface. So if you are planning to camp in a windy area, this feature will come in handy.

Storage pockets for your gear

When you have a lot of gear with you, then you will need proper storage compartments to keep everything in place. All your stuff will be well organized.

Lantern holders

If you or anyone of your family members have a habit of reading before going to bed or you want to enjoy a cup of tea or some snack at the night time, then you will need a lantern hold to pace your light.

Famous Brands Truck tent

Napier is one of the most popular truck tent brands. It is the company that introduced this type of tent. They are well-known for their high-quality tents with innovative designs. Apart from Napier, Guide Gear, Rightline are all some of the top brands in this industry.

Best Truck Tents Comparison Table

Recommended Products Waterproof ratingMaterial (lbs)Headroom (Sizes)
1. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent1500 mm190T Polyester5.5 feet
2. Smittybilt Truck Top Tent1000 mm600 Denier5.5 feet
3. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent800 mmTaffeta Polyester5.6 feet
4. Guide Gear Compact Truck Ten1500 mm190T Polyester4.75 feet
5. Rightline Gear Full-Size Truck Bed Tent2000 mmPolyurethane5.5 ft / 6.5 ft/ 8 ft
6. DAC Full-Size Truck Tent800 mmPolyester3.75 feet
7. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent3000 mmDuck cotton5.0 feet
8. Rightline Gear Mid-Size Truck Bed Tent2000 mmPolyurethane5.0 ft / 6.0 ft
9. Napier Outdoors Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent800 mmTaffeta Polyester5.5 feet
10. Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Truck Tent800 mmTaffeta Polyester7.0 feet

Top rated Truck tents Review

Best rated Truck Tent Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

Guide Gear  | 26" x 7.5" x 7.5" | 11.4 pounds | Color: Green and Black
The best truck tents Guide Gear Full Size Truck Ten

What makes this tent different

  • Sleep capacity: 2
  • 5.25 feet of headroom available.
  • Two storage pockets are there.
  • Mesh ventilation windows.
  • Fits most full-sized beds 79-81" with the tail gate down
  • More features

This Guide Gear long bed truck tent deploys in minutes without any issues. The tent is very easy to set up and takedown. It is suitable to use for all those trucks with long beds. The tent comes with 1500mm waterproofing and is very easy to set up.
There is a large-sized D-shaped door that will keep it ventilated as well. And you will get a full-sized rainfly as well. The tent also features a 63-inch footprint. And there are a couple of storage pockets available as well.



Best premium quality Smittybilt Truck Top Tent

Smittybilt | 60"x 52"x 14" | 11.4 pounds | Color: Khaki
The best truck tent Smittybilt Truck Top Tent

What makes this tent different

  • 600D heavy duty water resistivity.
  • Simple to set up and take apart.
  • Removable floor.
  • Ladder extension available.
  • Ladder capacity 265 pounds.
  • More features

It is a truck topper tent, and it easily houses 2 to 3 people with ease. You can place a double full mattress in it, and it can easily take a total load of 661 lbs.
This high-quality tent can house two to three people, and you can also have a full-size double bed in it. Its overall weight capacity is 661 lbs.
The tent is constructed with 600D high-quality water-resistant material. Also, it has a heavy-duty PVC cover that keeps the elements off the tent.



Best for value Napier Truck Tent

Headroom: 5.5 -8.2 inches | Color: Blue and green
The best truck tent Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

What makes this tent different

  • 800mm taffeta PU polyester.
  • Full tent floor.
  • 5.6 feet of headroom.
  • More features

This Napier backroadz tent is made of high-quality weather-resistant fabric, and it is straightforward to set up on your truck bed. This truck tent also comes with a full tent floor.
If you are looking for different size options, then this is the right choice for you. You can go for headroom ranging between five and a half feet to eight feet two inches.
The material used in the construction is 800mm taffeta polyester PU. It also comes with a full rainfly to keep you safe from wet weather.



Best for price Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

Guide Gear | 26"x 7.5"x 7" | 10 pounds | Color:Green and Black
The best truck  tent Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

What makes this tent different

  • 1500mm water resistivity.
  • 190T polyester fabric coating.
  • 4.75 feet of headroom available.
  • A couple of storage pockets.
  • More features

Don’t want to invest a fortune on the truck tent? Consider this budget friendly truck tent from Guide Gear. The tent is very simple to use, and everything in the instruction manual is written clearly for guidance. It also comes with good footprint and seasonality features.
The truck tent is best suited for long truck beds. It features 1500mm water resistivity, and the D-shaped door is good enough to keep the inside of the tent properly ventilated. The tent also comes with a large-sized rain fly as well as a footprint.



Best floorless design Rightline Gear Full-Size Truck Bed Tent

Size: 5.5 feet, 6.5 feet, and 8 feet | 1 year Warranty| Color: Grey and Orange
The best Truck tent Rightline Gear Truck Tents

What makes this tent different

  • Best for two people.
  • Water-resistant fabric  rated 2000mm PU construction. 
  • Sky view screen for ventilation and light.
  • More features

This truck tent is available in different sizes. You can either choose a compact, a full or mid-size truck tent according to your requirements. It has a floorless design that reduces the setup time significantly.
The tent is one of the simplest to install and takedown. It is comfortable enough for two people. There is a sky view vent also available for proper ventilation. It is made of 200mm PU material to keep the tent resistant to water.



Best lightweight truck tent DAC Full - Size Truck Tent

Tailgate: 58- inches | Weight: 4 pounds | Color: Blue
The best truck tent DAC Full - Size Truck Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Lightweight construction.
  • Fits well over the tailgate.
  • Simple installation
  • More features

If you’re looking for a lightweight truck tent, then you don’t need to look any further. It is the lightest of all. And it is effortless to use as well. Being able to comfortably control your tent makes half of your life easier.
This tent allows you to extend the box so that you can sleep without any discomfort. The bungee cord goes across the bottom of the tailgate to keep the gaps minimum. Furthermore, there are no technicalities associated with the installation process, and you can take it down with ease as well.



Best Canvas Truck Tent - Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak| 47" x 9.5" x 9"|30 pounds | Color: Green and beige
The best ruck tent Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

What makes this tent different

  • Hydro-shield cotton duck canvas.
  • Five feet of internal space.
  • D-shaped door with YKK zippers for proper ventilation.
  • More features

Not many people go for canvas tents because they are heavy. And similar is the case with this tent, but these tents are very durable, and they are weatherproof by nature.
It is a good quality truck tent designed for those people who prefer to use canvas tents. It is great in all aspects of weatherproofing and weighs 30 pounds. But you can easily set it up without any issues.



Best for a sky view Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent

Rightline Gear | Mid-size |  Sizes: 5 feet and 6 feet | Color: Dual Grey and orange
The best Truck tent Rightline Gear Truck Tents

What makes this tent different

  • Two sizes are available (5 feet and 6 feet).
  • 2000mm PU fabric.
  • Sky view vent.
  • Excellent for two people.
  • More features

This truck bed tent is also available in various sizes, but the 8-foot sizes are not available here. Rightline’s floorless design is here again, and you will also get the sky view vent.
Just like the previous one, this tent from Rightline is also very simple to install and take apart. The best feature of this tent is its sky view vent, which keeps the tent properly ventilated, and you can do some stargazing at night as well.



Best for extended awning Napier Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent

Napier Sportz | Headspace: 5.5 feet and 6 feet | 20 pounds | Awning: 6 x 6 feet
The best Truck tent Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III

What makes this tent different

  • Spacious tent (5.5 feet headspace).
  • 5.5 feet headspace
  • 6x6 feet awning.
  • Carry bag for storage.
  • Fiberglass poles.
  • More features

This tent has enough room for two people, and it comes with an extended awning to keep you well protected from the sun. It has by far the longest awning than any other tent on this list.
It is a good quality truck tent with a patented floor design that has been sown in. Two large mesh windows with no-see-um covering. There is a large access door on the rear end. The tent is an excellent choice if you are looking for a ventilated truck space



Best for families Napier Sportz SUV Truck Tent

Napier Sportz  | Headspace: 7 feet | 53 pounds | Space: 5-6 people
The best truck Tentent Sportz SUV Blue/Grey Tent with Screen Room

What makes this tent different

  • A 10x10 feet tent is good for 5 or 6 people.
  • 7x6 feet screen room (floorless).
  • More features..

If you are looking for a truck tent that comes with a screen room and a good size as well, then this is the right choice for you. It is the tent meant for families.
It is the best tent for you to consider if you will be joined by your family and friends on your trip. There is plenty of storage space available, and you can also enjoy a 7×6 feet of the screen room. It also comes with a decent size awning.



Additional tips & tricks for tents users

How to set up or refold the Truck tent?

Here are some of the steps that you need to follow to set up your truck tent:
  • Open your tailgate and place your truck tent on the bed of the truck.
  • Now attach those two strap clips to the bottom of the outside lip of your truck bed.
  • Attach one strap clip to your wheel well.
  • Tighten up the tailgate strap by running the strap clip through the tailgate.
  • Next step, snug the straps up and keep that inner flap seem balanced and aligned with the bed rail top.
  • After that, tilt your tailgate up and thread the orange strap through the tailgate. And release the tailgate down.
  • Lastly, tie up any loose strings, and you are done.
These processes are subject to change as each tent is unique in its way, thus requiring specific procedures for set up.

How to create a good truck tent seal to trap water from rain on the cab top?

The best practice is to use rain fly, but it is entirely optional. You need to position the rain fly right over your truck tent. The logo needs to be towards the rear of your vehicle.
You can connect the buckles that are present on both sides of your truck tent and make adjustments to the strap as required. Now tie all the strings that are present on your rainfly to your tent poles.

Step-by-step for Maintenance Truck tent guide

Most of the people ask the question of what should be done to take care of a tent. Well, there is not much to be done because these tents are designed to take a toll on the outdoors. They are designed to be exposed to different elements.
It is better to keep the tent clean while you are camping with a little bit of water shower to keep any mud or dirt off. Allow it to dry before you store it. And make sure that you don’t store it wet.
For water resistivity spray, you can spray it on your tent and then wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do truck tents keep mosquitoes and bugs out?

A: Yes, truck tents are pretty effective in keeping those bugs out, mainly if you use insect screens. There are different types of nets also available.

Q: Do you put together a truck tent on the ground or the truck?

A: You need to put your tent on the truck because putting it on the ground and then picking it up and placing it on the truck will be a colossal waste of time and effort.

Q: Will a truck tent work with a toolbox in the truck’s bed?

A: You don’t need any tools to set up to take down your truck tent. So toolbox or no toolbox, you’re good to use your tent.

Q: How can I stay dry in my truck tent?

A: It is better to use rain fly or better. You can go to a water-resistant tent if you know that you will be exposed to water during your trip.

Q: Should I use a tent or a truck topper?

A: It is all up to your camping needs and, of course, your truck size. Truck toppers will provide you with some extra space to store gear and stuff. If you have that, a truck topper will work for you.


There are some technicalities associated with the matter of buying the best truck tent. You should understand all your requirements and goals before you finalize your purchase decision. Taking care of your truck tent is also important.
We have provided you with all the information associated with truck tents. Following these guidelines closely will ensure that you will buy the best truck bed tent that will continue to serve you for a long time to come.
Happy Truck camping!

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